We offer a select range of superior organic flours by the Wholegrain Milling Co., a brand synonymous with unparalleled quality and wholesome integrity. These sustainably grown grain products are an artisan baker’s must-have baking essentials for premium quality baked goods.


Wholegrain Milling

A family-owned business specialising in the production of a wide range of superior organic flours and grain products for over 30 years, Wholegrain Milling products are made from grain that is grown, stored and milled with no chemical residue using state-of-the-art Stone Mill and Roller Mill technologies.

Tabletop Grapes

Tabletop Grapes is a premium producer of fresh and dried grapes based in Mildura, North West Victoria Australia. Wanting dried fruit that was rich in its true, natural flavour, the family developed a unique method produces exactly that, a premium tasting product that is 100% chemical free dried and delicious. 40 years later, Tabletop Grapes are proudly multiple award-winning producers with their fruit recognised for its premium quality across the world.