Here at Unifrozen, you’re assured of the freshest catch of the day, from succulent Canadian lobsters, Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters by the Award Winning Pristine Oyster Farm, Air Flown Sashimi grade Atlantic Salmon. Hokkaido scallops, Trout raised in the Fjords of Norway, Glacier 51 Toothfish, Skull Island Prawns, Yellowtail Kingfish, Alaskan King Crab to Dory Fish and much more.

All Wild, All Natural and Sustainable Premium Alaska King Salmon

Bruce Gore and his company, Triad Fisheries, had been marketing hook-and-line caught wild salmon from southeast Alaska since 1978. Triad fish are caught using slow hook-and-line method to minimize stress, processed immediately on-board, and frozen -60f within 90 minutes. Each fish in then individually hand dipped in fresh seawater to create a protective glaze and tagged to ensure each fish is traceable to the source. Mark and Beth Tupper purchased Triad Fisheries Ltd from Bruce Gore in 2008; currently working with thirteen Frozen at Sea, troll boats in SE Alaska. Triad Fisheries philosophy is to catch a perfect fish from nature at the peak of its development and deliver it to customers in its purest form. Bruce Gore FAS (Frozen at Sea) salmon is the freshest, cleanest, healthiest, most environmentally friendly sashimi-grade fish available on the market. All of our salmon are single line caught, twelve to fifteen miles offshore in SE Alaska. The salmon is still actively feeding, and at its zenith when caught. This assures you that you are getting the highest amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids when eating a Bruce Gore salmon. Each salmon is individually handles by the crew. The greatest respect and care is given to each and every salmon.